To grow and prosper


During and after


Disturbing personal, social, psychological, or spiritual experiences.

We know it is possible to not only survive, we can learn, understand and thrive.

I have experienced trauma

I want support and to be connected to the right people and information.

I am a trauma worker

I want to provide the best services to my clients.

I represent an organisation

I want to increase our organisational quality and resources to provide the best services.

We wrote the book!

So you love the work you do. You enjoy helping people. You have decided trauma work is for you. Or maybe you fell into trauma work. You love the buzz. Then life happens to you. A child goes missing, you get divorced, you or members of your family are assaulted – how does a trauma worker cope with helping others when they are suffering themselves?This book addresses some of these issues whether you are a new or experienced trauma worker. Written in an easy to read style you will learn ways to support yourself and your colleagues.

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So what is TRAUMA really?

So what is TRAUMA really?

Trauma impacts us physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. Repetition and re–experiencing can occur immediately, as well as many years after a traumatic experience. Ambiguity occurs when we feel as though we are living in two worlds. It also occurs when...

We are accredited!

Accredited Mental Health Social Workers are registered providers with Medicare Australia. They have been assessed on behalf of the Commonwealth Government by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) as having specialist mental health expertise.

An Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
(AMHSW) is eligible to provide services through
the Commonwealth-funded Better Access to
Mental Health Care and Chronic Diseases
Management (Enhanced Primary Care) programs. Social workers are also providers in the Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) program


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