Who is Margi

My Experience and Perspectives

Of Scottish/Irish immigrant background to Australia, a new wide unknown world.

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Eldest of 3 girls I lived with a creative alcoholic father and a religious puritanical mother. The ethos at home was violence mingled with laughter, generosity, creativity communicated in Scottish colloquial languages. I experienced the loss of language, the loss of extended family and culture. Education was a high value.



My Education

My education was across 6 different schools including a religious high school. Through universities I studied Social Work, Social Ecology, Trauma and Recovery, Health and Human Rights. For over 30 years I have worked in a wide range of trauma and mental health fields as a clinician, manager, academic and now author.

More about Margi

I am curious and have a thirst for learning in my professional field(s) and beyond. I have treasured learning from Indigenous elders and have seen some similarities with my own Celtic background. My consulting work in Aceh, West Papua, East Timor, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Georgia added to the cross-cultural and multicultural skills I gained as Director of STARTTS in its formative years.

I currently live in South-East Queensland overlooking rainforest. Life is shared with adult children and their families and a large dog. I work from my own clinical, supervision and consulting practice.