For Trauma Survivors

I help people who have experienced trauma to reduce its impact and to live life not defined by it.

I have been a clinician in the trauma field for over 30 years. Moving from feeling a victim of trauma to being a survivor of trauma to fully thriving in your life – is a journey.

How we navigate this journey to have and bring hope in our current post-trauma world trauma is

Our Challenge

I bring evidence based approaches to working with:

  • body 
  • mind 
  • emotions , and
  • ourselves as social beings

Some of the issues you may be facing in life right now might include: 

  • anxiety 
  • depression
  • post-traumatic stress disorder 
  • communication issues 
  • relationship issues 


Maybe just feeling different to the rest of the world and wondering how to live the life you want.

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Together, THRIVES may become your experience in practical ways using evidence based approaches to assist you to:

T – Trust yourself 

H – Hope for now and your future

R – Resilience and reflecting

I – Insight,  understanding and Inspiration

V– Values and virtues guide you

E Excitement and engagement 

S– Sustain in practices for health and mental health now and in future 

I invite you to connect with me: