For Trauma Workers

I help trauma workers achieve work/life balance, increase skills/competence and achieve career development.

Trauma workers come from a wide range of professions and disciplines. 

What is consistent is – we all work with clients/people who have experienced trauma.

We also deal with the impact of this on ourselves and own lives.

We may have lived experience as trauma survivors ourselves.

My career in trauma work has extended over 30 years and so has my supervision of trauma workers

Trauma Workers

You may be

  • new to trauma work
  • experienced in trauma work
  • in direct service or project roles
  • in a team
  • managing a team of trauma workers

I provide trauma-sensitive and thrive-building 

  • Clinical supervision
  • Group work supervision 
  • Group work design and development
  • Coaching packages

Individual sessions or small group

Sessions provided in -person or on-line

In my own trauma worker career..

I have worked in direct service, been a team leader, managed trauma services, held executive roles, and been a consultant overseas to major government and non-government agencies – and am also author of several books and book chapters.

How we navigate our work and our lives so we can thrive is important.

It is possible to have a long career in trauma work and through our work we bring hope for a post-trauma world.

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