Supervision, mentoring, and coaching for trauma workers and organisations

Can you relate?

Feeling exhausted and burnt out

Over the last 20 years, the landscape of trauma service provision has changed. It is becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with demand and complexity of case work. This commonly leads to worker burnout and fatigue

Management and organisational issues

Ongoing changes impacting services – funding limitations and increased service demands. managers may be from a different  professional discipline and may not understand fully your skills and experience. Hard to keep up with increased use of social media and technology.

Personal traumas

Current or historical life events triggered by either client concerns or team or organisational concerns. And for new graduate social workers, supervision assists to integrate your theory and current practice

We can help

New graduates

Supervision supports you in integrating theory and practice into your current work contexts


Supervision supports you in working out where to take your career next

Managers or executive

Supervision and mentoring help you integrate your social work theory and practice with management theory and practice

How does supervision, mentoring and coaching help?

Feel energised and have direction

Supervision mentoring and coaching will bring you improved confidence. You will achieve career changes you didn’t know you were capable of. Feel supported and inspired. And be able to better balance your life and personal self-care.

Support and clarity

Gain skills in understanding organisational context. Support in thinking through ethical concerns. And help resolve peer and management conflict.

Understand the impact of your work

Being a trauma worker can have an impact on you too! Supervision helps keep the focus on self-care and self-management, including referral to the appropriate people if required.

Ultimately, feel confident and energised, supported and inspired. Achieve career satisfaction and have a compelling career journey you never thought possible!

What you get


Individual or group consultations for supervision, coaching and mentoring.


Margi is based in Queensland but regularly works nationally and internationally.


A free copy of the Thrive Beyond Trauma book.


Access to relevant resources tailored to support your journey.


We have the technology!

Sessions can be in-person, by phone, or online chat (video or text chat).

Note: These services are tax-deductible and may be funded by your organisation (as part of your professional association AASW requirements and accreditation).

About Margi

  • Has international expertise.
  • Supervises people from all around Australia.
  • Comfy in person and online.
  • Has worked across a wide range of trauma areas.
  • Has worked at all organisational levels (clinicians, team leader, manager, director, exec director).
  • Has appropriate accreditations from AASW:
    • Accredited mental health social worker.
    • Member of Australian College of Social Work. Member of Australian Evaluation Society.
  • Has won international awards for her work including a Churchill Fellowship.
  • Completed post-graduate training at Harvard on scholarship.

Get started today

To start with, we’ll book a free 15 minute chat to see if supervision is right for you and how to get the most out of it.